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The Discontinuation of MiVoice Office 250 – How Convergent Telecom Can Make the Transition Easier

As you know, Convergent Telecom has been a Mitel partner, providing our customers with the powerful MiVoice Business Phone System for years. But times are changing. Mitel has recently announced that they’re planning to discontinue MiVoice Office 250 and related hardware by June 30, 2026. While this deadline is a few years away, we wanted to let you know that we’ve got a plan in place to help you transition to a better alternative. Read on to find out more! 


Mitel Discontinues Its MiVoice Office 250 Phone System  

Many of you may be wondering – why? Why did Mitel decide to discontinue their phone system?According to Mitel’s announcement, they’ve seen many companies turn to cloud services for unified communications. And that trend has only grown over time. So, due to customer preference, Mitel has decided to no longer offer MiVoice Office 250 or the hardware that supports it, such as the SX-200, the 85XX Line of Digital & IP Phones, the CT gateway and more. 

So, if you’re a Mitel customer, you can expect the following results from the announcement: 

  • Less support and upgrades for the MiVoice Office 250 platform (both virtual and physical). Bugs won’t be patched, hardware won’t be repaired, software and hardware won’t be updated. So, if an issue arises, it may not be resolved quickly or at all. 
  • Inability to purchase new hardware. Since the hardware supporting MiVoice Office 250 is also being discontinued, you won’t be able to purchase any new phones, HX Controllers, etc. 
  • Loss of a functioning phone system after June 30, 2026. Not unless you find and start transitioning to a new one ASAP. We know that the deadline seems a long way off, but if you start planning for it now, you won’t be scrambling later.

How Convergent Telecom Can Help Mitel Users 

If you don’t know where to start, that’s okay! Your partners at Convergent Telecom can help. We can help you transition to our excellent cloud-based phone system in just a matter of days – no new hardware is required! Here’s what you can expect from the process: 

  1. STEP 1: An Introductory Call. We’ll touch base with you to make sure your needs are met, our goals are lined up with yours, and you know what to expect from Convergent Telecom’s in terms of the transition.  
  2. STEP 2: Hands-On Installation. Once we’ve set expectations and decided on a transition deadline, our team of experts will get to work setting up your new cloud phone system. No need to struggle through a “do it yourself” model.  
  3. STEP 3: Little-To-No Downtime. After your new cloud phone system has been set up, our technicians will work with you to make the switch, allowing you to continue business as usual with minimal downtime. 
  4. STEP 4: White-glove System Removal. Once that’s completed, our team will come out to your office and remove your outdated MiVoice Office 250 hardware and software. 
  5. STEP 5: In-depth Training for All System Users. Finally, whether you want training prior to installation or after installation, Convergent Telecom’s got you covered. We can help your users get comfortable with the platform, explore new features, and so much more. Plus, our support staff is always available to answer any questions you might have. 

With Convergent Telecom, we can make the transition to our cloud phone system simple, easy, and even enjoyable! Want to learn more about what makes our cloud phone system so special? Just keep reading.

The Convergent Telecom CloudTalk Phone System – A Better Alternative 

We offer Mitel-based users an affordable, full-featured alternative to the MiVoice Office 250. It’s a cloud-based phone system that not only has the features you need but also features that enable remote and hybrid work models and future-proof your business communications. Here are just a few: 

Extra communications reliability via built-in georedundancy

Unlike MiVoice Office 250, if the power goes out in your office, your phone system won’t go down with it! Instead CloudTalk will reroute your calls to the next available data center and keep you connected with your team and your customers. 

Remote work flexibility via softphone application

With MiVoice Office 250, you had to be in your office to answer calls, or forward calls to your personal phone when you were on the road. Thanks to CloudTalk’s user-friendly application, you can take your business phone with you on your mobile device, tablet, or laptop! 

Better team connectivity with online collaboration tools

MiVoice Office 250 had a limit to what kind of meetings you can hold. But CloudTalk can help you collaborate with your team members quickly and easily. From video conferencing to instant messaging, from digital whiteboards to 500 user webinars. 

Plug-and-play integrations with your favorite platforms

As with MiVoice Office 250, your phone system was separate from all your other business applications. It was nearly impossible to link it with your CRM. In comparison, our platform offers easy integrations with 200+ platforms like Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, and more, letting you customize your communications even more! 

No hardware costs or upgrade charges

Unlike MiVoice Office 250, you won’t have to worry about hardware upgrades or repairs! Our CloudTalk offering isn’t tied to any specific hardware and the software is automatically kept up to date. This not only lets you enjoy all the latest features without any additional costs. 

Plus, a whole lot more that you have access to via one low, monthly rate per user.

All in all, CloudTalk offers a reliable, flexible, and scalable alternative to MiVoice Office 250.  


Get Started with Convergent Telecom Today 

At Convergent Telecom, our priority has always been to provide the best communications services for our customers. So, if you’re interested in trying CloudTalk yourself, enjoying a hassle-free transition away from MiVoice Office 250, or just looking to learn more, feel free to give us a call! We’d be more than happy to talk to you and even set up a free demonstration of our services! 

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