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Get more out of your phone system with SIP trunking

Tired of dealing with the hassle and high costs of traditional phone service providers like Frontier and Spectrum? Convergent Telecom has the solution you’ve been looking for. Our SIP trunks offer superior call quality, unmatched reliability, monitoring,  and competitive pricing.  Our Convergent Managed system utilizes SIP trunks along with the award-winning Mitel premise platform – we are your single solution for a premise-based telephone system and the service to power it.

With Convergent Telecom, you can say goodbye to frustrating customer service calls and hello to hassle-free communication. And no – we’re not exaggerating!

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Advanced SIP trunking features that
improve your communication

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Automatic routing

Our SIP trunks fast, ensure reliable communication no matter what by automatically routing your calls to the closest available connection point.

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TLS Support

Transport layer security ensures all calls traveling on our trunks are kept safe and secure 24/7.

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Unlimited call capacity

Unlike other SIP trunks, we don't limit how many calls can travel on our network. You get to make as many as you need thanks to our unlimited prepaid call paths.

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Compatible with major PBX brands

Our SIP trunks support a wide variety of hardware and can be set up online, reducing maintenance and hardware costs!

PRI & Copper Lines are being discontinued by carriers.
Don't get stuck with outdated equipment!

What is a SIP trunk & why you should care

SIP Trunks connect your premise-based phone system to the internet, allowing you to make and take calls over a broadband connection instead of plain old telephone (POTS) or PRI connections. So, you can enjoy all the benefits of internet-based calling without purchasing brand new hardware.

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CloudTalk: benefits of our Enhanced SIP Trunk

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Automatic call path increases

Our SIP trunks add additional call paths based on your current demand, so you only pay for what you need when you need it.

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centralized management for multiple offices

Using CloudTalk, you can manage SIP trunks for your entire organization online, improving business continuity and saving you money.

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Complete control & transparency

Our CloudTalk platform lets you manage and maintain your trunks as you see fit from one simple interface. No more wondering how things work –now you can see it for yourself!

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Disaster recovery options

If a disaster strikes, you'll be prepared with our customizable backup systems – guaranteeing you can stay in touch with your customers and colleagues no matter what.