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Staff Augmentation

Coordinating an upgrade of your telecom infrastructure is a large undertaking, and you might not have a complete or skilled internal team to manage this complex process. Convergent has dedicated team members available to help you complete your installation on time and within budget, with a fraction of the hassle and stress.

Engage Convergent to ensure you have the manpower to get the job done and you’ll get the benefit of:

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Needs Evaluation

Convergent will assess your communications infrastructure plans and help determine your needs for incremental, project-based staff.


Hire & Manage Project Staff

We provide positions that range from unboxing and assembling phones/equipment, all the way up to a PMP certified project manager.


Appropriate Staffing Levels

We offer professionals with expertise as project leads, project assistants, and logistics coordinators.

Check out how Convergent helped the University of Missouri with incremental staff and on-site expertise and contact us to learn more about how Convergent can support your communication upgrade project.