Upgrading your telecom system is a big undertaking. Even small slip-ups can delay your project for months.

Don’t let this happen to you. With our help, you will be organized, have a plan, stay on track, and finish on time. When we handle the project management, you can focus on doing what you do best.

Convergent will help you integrate VoIP seamlessly into your business. Our years of experience allow us to understand how new technology affects each department, job function, and end user in your organization.

From the start, we identify the resources needed to customize your deployment and meet your company’s objectives.

Our project management process includes:

  • A dedicated project manager through the entire process, so you have just one point of contact.
  • Detailed project meetings with key personnel to clarify every need and expectation.
  • Analysis – We will factor in all the needs and risks of all aspects of the project.
  • Data gathering – We ensure our team has all the information necessary to complete your project quickly and efficiently. Cable maps, office directories, GSA TOPS information, and in some cases legacy PBX information, will all be utilized to cross-check and validate the information.
  • Proprietary web-based project management tool – We include a customized and interactive site that allows you to view real-time status reports and updates. Your staff will be able to add or update comments, as well as see answers to questions posed throughout the deployment process.
  • Training – We will develop, document, and deliver customized training for all user levels.
  • Liaison with your carrier/telco – Dealing with carriers can be frustrating… we know! Let us cut through the bureaucracy and use our expertise to communicate with them and get results on your behalf.
  • Overall satisfaction throughout the project – Simply put, this is what we do. From planning and reporting to managing results, we will take an active role in doing it all for you.