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What does the Mitel and RingCentral Partnership Mean for You?

It’s no secret that RingCentral and Mitel have partnered together, but in April, Mitel’s services will cease to operate. RingCentral will be Mitel’s exclusive UCaaS partner and will start offering their services. What does this mean for you if you’re a Mitel customer? 

RingCentral’s Customer Service 

RingCentral has grown to such a conglomerate in the telecommunications industry, their customer service seems to have taken a backseat in favor of adding increased customers. Once signed on as a customer, it is possible that your needs could get put on the back burner. If you need support, you may have to wait on hold for customer support or, possibly, not hear from your account manager right away. 

If you’re a growing business, you can’t afford to sit around. Your business is growing and needs to scale to keep up with growth. When it takes 48 hours just to get a response, it’s time to consider another communications provider who best fits your needs. 

We’re not making this up. We’ll just let this recent customer service review at the Better Business Bureau (BBB) speak for itself. 

RingCentral’s review

If customer service is important to you, RingCentral may not be the way to go. 

RingCentral Loves Their Interactive Virtual Assistant 

Unless you have a direct line or extension to your account manager, you might get IVR’d to death. When you contact RingCentral, you’re going to get into a conversation with the IVR first, as opposed to a human being. Overall, we’re big fans of the IVR and they serve their purpose to route you to the right person or department.  

However, the IVR is not designed to handle entire conversations. Need to pay your bill? Okay. Need to know RingCentral’s service hours? Sure, the IVR can handle that and there’s no need to speak with someone. But if you’re having an issue with your service that requires technical support, the IVR should pass you over to and not try to resolve the problem. You shouldn’t have to yell “SUPPORT!!!” 20 times just to be connected. 

RingCentral’s Platform 

Are you looking for a customizable platform? The RingCentral platform may not be for you. It’s customizable only to what RingCentral offers and is one-size-fits-all, for all intents and purposes. As a bigger provider, they can get away with offering an integrated platform that lives in their ecosystem. Businesses have different needs and RingCentral may not be able to tailor a solution for your business. 

At Convergent, we offer tailored solutions and realize not everything in the box is suitable for a business and their needs. We’ll get to know you and your unique requirements for a business phone system. 

RingCentral: Read the Reviews 

When looking for a cloud communications provider, we always suggest looking at reviews and speaking with others about their experience with service providers. Reviews and word of mouth will tell you all you need to know about their business and how they do business.  When you search the reviews for RingCentral, let’s just say, they aren’t favorable. 

When you look at the reviews at GetVoIP.com, only 70% of the reviewers would recommend the service. Not high marks. Out of their reviews, 34% of the total reviews are three-stars or below. The main complaints? 

  • Horrible customer service 
  • Contracted plans 
  • High termination fees 
  • Poor audio quality 
image 1
RingCentral’s reviews on GetVoIP.

I think these reviews speak volumes about the way RingCentral does business. At Convergent, we make the process simple and cost-efficient to migrate to a new phone system. Every business is different, and we won’t make promises we can’t deliver on. 

Convergent and Mitel 

If you’re a Mitel customer, you can migrate to Convergent with ease and receive the personal attention that you deserve. We have over 30 years of telecom experience and make the process simple for you to understand. The specialists at Convergent are available 24/7 and 365 days a year (tack on the day for a leap year). Contact us today and let’s start the conversation on how we can help with your Mitel migration and make the right choice the first time. 

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