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Convergent specializes in state of the art telecommunication technology — with local support, delivered right to your business’ doorstep. We’re keeping you, your customers, and your team — connected. We work with any sized organization, to bring you fast, clear, and reliable communication technology. ROCHESTER BASED FAMILY OWNED LOCAL TECHNICIANS   GET READY FOR THE […]

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The Importance of a Quality Call Center

Call Center

Call Centers are the first line of defense in maintaining customer satisfaction and delivering quality support.  Often overlooked or underestimated, with management and marketing preferring to focus on new products and services, customer support plays an outsized role in customer retention and satisfaction.  Because of this, a quality call center has never been more important. Other customer […]

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Must Have VoIP Tools for Remote Workers


Remote workers, also known as “digital nomads”, are a growing trend.  According to, regular work-at-home (non self-employed) population has grown by 140% since 2005, nearly 10x faster than the rest of the workforce or the self-employed.  Whether you are in a coffee shop, coworking space or home in your pajamas, remote workers are changing the traditional […]

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Planning: Determining Your Project’s Outcomes, Goals and Objectives


Success is what you define.   If arriving in New York on Tuesday is your objective, showing up at the city limits at 11:45pm would be considered a success.  What if the reason you needed to be in New York was for a conference that started at 10am on Tuesday?  Then arriving at 11:45pm would be a failure.  Simply […]

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Tips for Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce


With four generations in the work force, it is important that everyone understands the challenges of working together and how we are all motivated differently.  With Baby Boomers working past the typical retirement age and Millennials and Gen Z’s continually entering the work force, the differences in communication and values are becoming much more apparent.   […]

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Wrapping up at Mizzou

Mizzou Campus

I knew going into our project at the University of Missouri that it was going to be a lot of hard work for the next two and a half years. When we started in April 2016, I was ready for the challenge ahead of us. We were there to manage the implementation of the new […]

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