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Discontinued Mitel Products: What It Means for Your Business 

Mitel, the telecommunications company, was founded in 1973 and has enjoyed decades of success. However, as the business landscape continues to evolve, so do the products on the market. This became evident in the early 2000s when Mitel pivoted from legacy TDM PBX systems and applications to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to stay relevant. 

Still, when you fast-forward to today, a lot has changed in communications and collaboration technology. Hearing that products have been replaced, retired, or discontinued shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Even so, the market has pushed the even well-respected Mitel to initiate the end-of-life processes for its MiVoice Office 250, a popular phone system hardware and related software line. So, you might be wondering – how the discontinuation of Mitel products will impact my business? 

Discontinued Mitel Products: What’s Happening? 

Although the announcement wasn’t a complete surprise, that doesn’t mean businesses that currently use this system weren’t hit with a wave of panic. The news affects all MiVoice Office systems, trunk cards, line cards, and software licenses. Other MiVoice parts like the Attendant console, CT Gateway, and PS-1 will be impacted as well. 

The 85xx Digital phones sold on the MiVoice Office 250 platforms will also fall victim to the lifecycle notice. The End of Software design for its application suite took place on January 31st, 2023, and the End of Technical Support and overall End of Life for the product arrives on June 30, 2026. Although it may seem like a lifetime away, it’s time to start considering your options for the future.  

Mitel Products End of Life: What Does It Mean for My Communications System? 

End of life (or EoL) refers to a designation applied to products and platforms that eventually reach the end of their useful life. End of life typically occurs several years after production or development has stopped. Manufacturers will announce the transition early on to give their clients a chance to prepare for the inevitable changes set to occur.  

If you’re a current Mitel products customer that uses the MiVoice Office 250, this is what you can expect from their business phone systems moving forward: 

  • All developments and updates to that product line will be ceased. 
  • Technical support will eventually become unavailable after your contract expires. 
  • Spare parts or repair parts for the product line will be decreased and eventually ceased. 
  • Some features or functionality will be limited or unavailable, and the retired product line won’t be compatible with new or updated products and applications. 

We understand the concern your business might have and the challenges that will arise because of the rapid changes occurring in the tech and communications space. One minute, you’re using cutting-edge technology, then suddenly, the tech you’ve built your business foundation on, such as a business phone system, reaches the product’s end of life. 

Although Mitel products end of life doesn’t officially arrive until 2026, your business might be tempted to continue operations and squeeze as much out of it as you can. While we can understand that approach, it would be in your best interest to start looking for a replacement immediately. The potential cost to your business and reputation should something break or go wrong isn’t worth trying to extend the usage of an end-of-life product, especially your business phone system. It’s certainly an inconvenience, but various robust options exist to help prepare you for the future. 

Convergent Telecom Has Your Business Covered 

If you are a current or potential Mitel products user, it’s critical to stay informed about recent product discontinuations and the changes that may be coming in the future. As a Mitel Silver Partner, we understand that change can be intimidating, but if you don’t take the necessary steps to understand and address this matter, your business communications could be in jeopardy.  

If you’ve been dreading the Mitel products’ end-of-life date and are beginning your search for a new business phone system, a Cloud Phone System that remains “future proof” with updates and patches provided by Convergent Telecom is the best choice. We help organizations like yours stay connected and collaborate from anywhere. Not only that, we’re also local and handle everything on-site as the hands-on company we are. Say goodbye to outdated or end-of-life phone systems and say hello to Convergent CloudTalk

Want to learn more? Contact a knowledgeable staff member here at Convergent Telecom today to see how the discontinued Mitel products could affect your business and how we can help you prepare for future changes. 

Don’t wait until it’s too late to update your communication system and ensure uninterrupted business operations! Take action today and stay ahead of the curve.  

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