Without effective communication, everything breaks down. A successful organization depends on the entire team’s ability to understand new technology and utilize it effectively. It’s also critical that your new communication solution grows with you and adapts to your user needs over time. Convergent’s training and experienced team members will help you deploy successfully.

Engage Convergent as your user support partner and you’ll get the benefit of:

  • Training

    On-Site Training

    We provide comprehensive user, receptionist, call center, and site administrator training to ensure the smoothest possible transition

  • Project Manager

    Training Material Development

    We will develop, document, and deliver customized training materials for all user levels of your organization.

  • Customize

    Customizable Solutions

    All training and support will be based upon your unique needs (size, duration, location).

  • Liason

    One-on-One Support

    Convergent is able to provide one-on-one support as necessary including installation of legacy headsets, user voicemail setup, or any other user support needed to complete a successful deployment.