CloudTalk is a suite of Hosted VoIP products designed to handle of your organizations voice needs from Hosted Telephone System, SIP Trunking, Unified Communications, Contact Center & IVR, and even SMS.  

One of our differences is that we provide professional deployment services with our own employees. Our national competitors’ model is to ship you a phone, make the rest sound easy, and you struggle for weeks/months to get things right. Nothing could be further from the truth. They do this because they are located far away in another state or country. Even though we do work nationally, we are based in Western New York and have local staff to support your company.

We are also 100% transparent with our quotes and provide you with a detailed monthly quote including all fees and taxes. You should insist that the other providers quote you this way. Typically, other providers add 30% to 45% in fees and taxes, usually inflated to make their base rate look more attractive. By the time you get your first bill, it’s too late.