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Simplify Your Paging System with the Algo 8300 Controller  

Paging system control is a critical aspect of security in all industries, regardless of size. After all, you would not let just anyone access your systems at home. So why open your business’s system to that kind of vulnerability? Paging system control is critical in eliminating any unauthorized access to your networks and reducing the risk of theft – whether it is financial or operational.  

What is the Algo 8300 Controller? 

This is where the Algo 8300 Controller comes into play. The Algo 8300 is a device that helps you control and keep an eye on all the paging devices in a system. This makes it much easier to manage paging systems in places like schools, factories, plants, large stores, and other places that have a lot of paging requirements as well as multiple paging devices. 

The Features and Benefits of the Algo 8300 Controller  

Device Supervision and Notification  

The Algo 8300 supervises and monitors Algo IP endpoints to inform you when devices are suddenly unresponsive. There are several different notification alerts:  

  • Audio alert  
  • Multicast for large-scale paging systems (SIP supported)  
  • Email  

Not only does the Algo 8300 controller let you know of any issues but also acts as a sort of electrocardiogram – measuring your system’s “heartbeat” and keeping you up to date on its overall health.  

In addition to audio alerts, the Algo 8300 provides visuals as well. All alerts are OSHA and ADA-compliant.  

Audio Notifications  

The 8300 controllers can be configured to play notifications. Custom audio files can be uploaded, as well, to sound a specific tone depending on the type and severity of the alert.  

Multicast Notifications  

In addition to local audio, the Algo 8300 can multicast the audio to multiple endpoints. This means the alert can be broadcast to any Algo speakers or paging devices on your network. 

Call Notifications  

You can easily configure the 8300 to dial any extension and play messages depending on the alert’s severity or escalation level. So, if someone answers the phone, they get all the information they need ASAP. 

Email Notifications  

Receive notifications by email when a device goes offline, comes back online, or experiences unexpected hiccups. You can also receive periodic health updates depending on how you program the 8300 controller. These notifications provide a snapshot of device history, so malfunctions are always known and can be corrected.  

Fault Reporting Capabilities  

The Algo 8300 controller can provide details on all devices on the network using a simple-to-use web dashboard. It’s easy to add any unmanaged devices by simply adding them via your web-based device management portal. The dashboard is intuitive and easy to follow. All devices with the ‘green’ status are ready, and anything with a ‘red’ label has an error and needs your immediate attention.  

The Algo 8300 Requires Little to Install  

A phone tech or IT staff simply connects the 8300 to a PoE network switch, and the blue lights will remain on until the boot is complete. After they turn off, simply reset, and you can begin connecting any other Algo devices the same way! 

All this can be done via the web portal. Overall, the Algo 8300 is a great device and has many application possibilities:  

  • Schools and Universities 
  • Manufacturing and Factories  
  • Box Stores  
  • Enterprise businesses  

Any space, campus, or facility that needs a considerable paging infrastructure is an ideal use for the Algo 8300.  

How The Algo 8300 Simplifies Control  

The Algo 8300 allows you to merge security and paging endpoint monitoring into one unified system. With the Algo 8300, you can monitor up to 350 devices. The dashboard lets you control and monitor paging device status, reducing downtime and improving reliability. Multiple notifications give you a quick view into faulty paging endpoints. And you can easily configure the various paging devices straight from the online dashboard.  

Convergent Telecom, the Best Choice for Buying the Algo 8300 Controller  

Convergent Telecom is your source for the Algo 8300 Controller and other Algo paging and access control devices. With over 45 years of experience in Telecom, Paging and other new and emerging technologies, we can help you implement the right paging system today. And all within your budget. Our staff knows the Algo 8300 Controller and the entire Algo family of paging & signaling products, and can answer all your questions. Contact us today, and let us help you connect with your customers, staff and business. 

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