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Engage Your Entire Organization for a Telecom Upgrade

A quick tip from Adrienne Shah, National Project Manager of Convergent 

Buy-in from your team is essential for successfully implementing any new business solution, especially one that they will be trained on and use daily. Here are a few tips on engaging your entire organization and getting everyone on board: 

Empower Them 

Your staff will be using the system every day, so remind them that they will be developing and learning new skills intended to improve their work. Your VoIP upgrade is set up for them to succeed. 

Be Clear About Timelines 

Everyone on your staff (including all end users) will want a schedule they can refer to and communication throughout the project. Being clear about timelines will help ensure there are no disruptions. 

Focus on the positives and benefits that VoIP will bring 

The host of benefits are plentiful: better voice quality, cost-savings, flexible conference calling, improved communication with customers, easier to manage and maintain, more features, and the ability to easily tie in remote workers as well as locations.

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