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How to Secure C-Suite Support

A quick tip from Raj Shah, President of Convergent 

When you begin a telecom upgrade, you need buy-in from everyone who will be involved in the project. Most importantly, you need to engage your C-suite so that they understand the importance of a migration to a new system. Here are three tips to help: 

1. Seek proactive input from leadership 

From the start, inform your leadership team of the project’s specifics. Share key project details and objectives and ask them for input. Depending on the organization’s business needs, the upgrade may be urgent. Make sure that you receive feedback from executives on the projected timeline and migration priorities for the upgrade. 

2. Be clear about the execution 

While you don’t want to burden leadership with every detail of the deployment, keeping them updated on your execution plan is key to ongoing support. You want to answer questions before they are even asked so build in regular updates on timeline and budget pacing, which departments or buildings are complete or next to be transitioned, any steps you’ve taken to mitigate risks that have arisen, and what information you’ve shared with other constituents. 

3. Engage a partner 

When you begin a telecom upgrade project, you should clearly communicate how the process will be managed. One way to ensure that everything goes smoothly is to work with a deployment partner. The right deployment partner will help explain the benefits of the project to your executive team, acting as a single point of contact and bringing peace of mind to your organization. 

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