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The Importance of a Quality Call Center

Call Centers are the first line of defense in maintaining customer satisfaction and delivering quality support.  Often overlooked or underestimated, with management and marketing preferring to focus on new products and services, customer support plays an outsized role in customer retention and satisfaction.  Because of this, a quality call center has never been more important.

Other customer service channels have gained traction in recent years, but communication by phone still remains the most popular.  Chatbots, self-service and mobile apps certainly have their place, but customers appreciate being able to interact with a real person.  According to Microsoft’s State of Global Customer Service report, seventy-four percent of respondents had contacted customer service via phone. Furthermore, when asked to pinpoint their most frustrating experiences, roughly a third chose Automated Telephone Systems/ inability to talk with a real person.

In your efforts to maximize customer experience, migrating your call center to a state of the art premise based or  hosted VoIP solution can go a long way.  The cost savings, added flexibility, and ease of use far surpass any legacy system. The scalability offered on a hosted system makes the size of your organization irrelevant. Only paying for the licenses you use, means you can halve your agent pool as easily as doubling it. Even the previously tedious task of adding new agents becomes simple, taking only a few clicks instead of hours reworking call the call flow.  

In addition to this ease of use, comes quality premade reports that let you optimize performance, minimize wait times and find choke points that might otherwise go unnoticed. High performing agents can be identified as easily as the laggards, allowing supervisors to proactively take action.  

Convergent knows that a seamless customer service experience doesn’t stem from merely purchasing the correct product. Rather it is having good people, with the right training, on the correct equipment.  From initial deployment, and call flow testing, to training agents and supervisors we can make your transition from a legacy system to a new premise or hosted system smooth and painless.  Whether your focus is increasing customer satisfaction, optimizing staffing productivity, or merely freeing up budget space, Convergent can manage your upgrade. We ensure that whatever your goal, you will achieve it!

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