Coordinating an upgrade of your telecom infrastructure is a large undertaking, and you might not have a complete internal team ready and able to handle it all.

Convergent has dedicated members available to help you complete your installation on time and within budget, with a fraction of the hassle and stress.

Your success is our success.

Below are positions that we offer for hire. If you have questions, please contact us and we will help you build a winning team.

Project Assistant

  • Handles technology staging, manages inventory, and collects old devices
  • Sets phones on people’s desks
  • Performs new system testing
  • Performs individual training and provides tips
  • Ensures customer is satisfied with their equipment and is comfortable using it
  • Communicates between the customer and the project manager

Project Leads

  • Interfaces with the users and confirms site information
  • Performs data verification
  • Performs walk arounds to ensure project is running smoothly
  • Interviews the customer to help the project flow smoothly
  • Assembles all the information needed for engineers to generate databases
  • Performs user training as needed
  • Assists with testing and resolves user/technical problems after telecom system migrations

Project Manager

  • Onsite leader who handles the day to day interaction
  • Manages project assistants
  • Follows up to ensure all phones were properly placed
  • On site for each cutover
  • Ensures quick user training is being delivered
  • Resolves any issues reported by the user
  • Performs quality control of all tasks and equipment

Senior Project Manager

  • Focuses on overall management of the team
  • Reviews task list and assigns tasks to members
  • Manages timeline for each cutover
  • Addresses any challenges or questions needed
  • Acts as your liason between contractors and carrier companies

Are you ready to experience the Convergent difference? Contact a member of our team today to find out how we can help you augment your staff and implement your new telecom system with less stress and years sooner.