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We offer two different options for faxing. Both options allow you to keep your existing fax number (local or toll free) or if you wish, we can provide you with new fax numbers.
Cloud solution – Our simple and secure faxing solution eliminates the need for a fax machine. Incoming faxes are routed to an email address of your choice. The recipient will receive the fax via a PDF file and can then forward, print, save, etc. An alias email address can also be used, this will send the fax to multiple people at the same time. No more going to the fax machine or having to hunt for a lost fax!
Sending a fax is as simple as emailing an attachment to an email address containing the recipients fax number. You designate which people in your organization are allowed to send faxes, it can be everyone, one person, it is completely up to you. Simple.

Traditional solution – You can continue to use your existing fax machine or multi function device. We will port (move) your existing fax number to CloudTalk and connect the fax as it was previously. Typically we will provide a 25%+ savings over the fax line that you currently have from the phone or cable company. Some of our customers use both a cloud and traditional solution – no problem!