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      Convergent specializes in state of the art telecommunication technology — with local support, delivered right to your business’ doorstep. We’re keeping you, your customers, and your team — connected. We work with any sized organization, to bring you fast, clear, and reliable communication technology. ROCHESTER BASED FAMILY OWNED LOCAL TECHNICIANS GET READY […]

A First Step for Your Telecom Upgrade

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A quick tip from Raj Shah, President of Convergent  Are you upgrading or migrating your telecommunication system, or simply thinking about it? A telecom upgrade takes time, knowledge, and experience. Our team has seen it and done it all. But there’s one thing YOU can do to get started.  CHECK YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION TO BE […]

Engage Your Entire Organization for a Telecom Upgrade

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A quick tip from Adrienne Shah, National Project Manager of Convergent  Buy-in from your team is essential for successfully implementing any new business solution, especially one that they will be trained on and use daily. Here are a few tips on engaging your entire organization and getting everyone on board:  Empower Them  Your staff will […]

Documenting Your Telecom Upgrade Process

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A quick tip from Raj Shah, President of Convergent  An effective telecom upgrade requires you to keep track of important processes and procedures, and to share them with the right people. Documenting your upgrade in the early stages will equip your staff with crucial information to help streamline operation once the new system  is up […]

3 Tips to Stay Efficient During Your Telecom Upgrade

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A quick tip from Raj Shah, President of Convergent  Any major upgrade that impacts your business service is going to take time, but ensuring it’s completed the right way the first time will save you money and headaches in the long run. In our experience helping clients with VoIP deployment, we’ve found that creating and […]

How to Secure C-Suite Support

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A quick tip from Raj Shah, President of Convergent  When you begin a telecom upgrade, you need buy-in from everyone who will be involved in the project. Most importantly, you need to engage your C-suite so that they understand the importance of a migration to a new system. Here are three tips to help:  1. […]

System Training Deployment

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A quick tip from Adrienne Shah, National Project Manager of Convergent  When upgrading your VOIP system, there’s one crucial component you can’t forget: the people.   Your staff will interact with the improved technology regularly. They also stand to gain directly from the upgrade—greater communication efficiency and effectiveness will make their day easier.  Before the enhanced […]

Why Project Prioritization is Essential to VoIP Deployment

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A quick tip from Adrienne Shah, National Project Manager of Convergent  Project prioritization is a successful strategy deployed by all types of businesses for all kinds of projects. And it’s an effective way for businesses upgrading to a VoIP system to get a handle on their project, stay organized, and achieve goals in the right […]

Planning: Determining Your Project’s Outcomes, Goals and Objectives


Success is what you define.   If arriving in New York on Tuesday is your objective, showing up at the city limits at 11:45pm would be considered a success.  What if the reason you needed to be in New York was for a conference that started at 10am on Tuesday?  Then arriving at 11:45pm would be a failure.  Simply […]

Tips for Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce


With four generations in the work force, it is important that everyone understands the challenges of working together and how we are all motivated differently.  With Baby Boomers working past the typical retirement age and Millennials and Gen Z’s continually entering the work force, the differences in communication and values are becoming much more apparent.   […]