Every successful organization relies on telecommunications. However, too many are still using dated technology, some as far back as the 1980’s. Organizations often delay upgrading for fear of dropping calls or inconveniencing both employees and customers. Alternatively, some companies may buy a new system, only to discover they lack the resources needed to deploy it. Even organizations with extensive IT support may not have staff with experience installing today’s VoIP systems.

See how Convergent has helped companies, universities, government agencies, and medical centers with deployment, training, project management, and staff augmentation to ensure they have a successful telecom transition.

  • University of Missouri

    Updating the school’s phone system to handle today’s data volume was identified as a priority for this thriving campus.

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  • University of Virigina

    Migrating to a new system was a massive undertaking – and one that needed to happen quickly.

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  • Department of Justice

    The United States Attorney’s Office wanted to put in a new Broadsoft solution, but security was also a significant concern.

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  • Total Technologies

    Total Technologies was looking for a better way to offer highly skilled VoIP deployment project management and implementation to its clients.

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  • University of Missouri Health Care

    MU Health needed a partner to manage the deployment of more than 6,000 phone lines between University Hospital and Women’s and Children’s Hospital, plus support its staff during the transition.

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  • Miller Funeral Home

    Miller Funeral and Cremation Services knew they needed to upgrade their phone systems, but didn’t know where to start or what the options were for their needs.

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Is it time for your organization to begin (or finish) upgrading its telecommunication system?

If you’re using a legacy system and know you need to upgrade or have already bought a new system but are running into challenges deploying it, Convergent is ready to:

  • Evaluate current systems and determine future telecom needs
  • Create an efficient, effective, and realistic deployment schedule
  • Support current staff and supply incremental team members
  • Supervise all individual flights on-site
  • Manage your selected telecom carrier
  • Create specialized training materials and sessions for staff at every level
  • Ensure successful deployment, confirming all systems are working and all issues have been resolved

To learn more about how we can help your organization move quickly into the future, contact us and we’ll give you a call to start the conversation.