Setting up an enterprise-level telecom system is a massive undertaking. Our team of experts can cut your project time from 5 years or more down to just 2-3, freeing up your own staff and resources for other things.

Convergent’s members travel nationwide to serve in a number of deployment roles, including:

Full Installation Teams – Our project team members are experienced in higher education, medical center, and federal government deployments, and can provide your organization with on-site support. All of our staff have held prior security clearances.

Self-Installation Teams – We can provide remote telephone and email support to your site representatives. This support will include:

  • Phone activation (plug & dial)
  • Analog gateway integration
  • Overhead paging integration
  • Post cutover/port call test validation

End user support – We can also provide comprehensive user, receptionist, call center, and site administrator training, to ensure the smoothest possible transition. All training will be based upon your guidelines (class size, duration and location).


During your deployment, Convergent Telecom can also assist you in the following ways:

  • Overhead paging integration – Our technicians have extensive experience in overhead paging systems (both 70V and Valcom technology).
  • Telephony – We can review and recommend local and long distance providers and legacy device support (faxes, STU-3, mail meter).
  • FXS support and troubleshooting – This includes fax, STU-3, mail meter, etc.
  • Phone placement programming and deployment – This includes border, FXS, FXO and PRI gateways.
  • Call centers – We conduct in-depth call testing before and/or after cutover. Our custom-developed call test sheets organize the call testing and troubleshoot any issues that may arise.
  • End user support – We provide one-on-one support as necessary. This might be user/feature related or simple requests for longer cords, installation of legacy headsets, routing of patch cables, etc.
  • Removal and cleanup – Complete deinstallation of legacy Key/PBX telco systems and wiring closet cleanups.
  • As-built deliverables – Raj, I would add a brief explanation of what this means here, like the bullets above it.

Installation Engineering

Convergent Telecom can also provide site survey information-gathering and coordination. Our team’s attention to detail and ability to accurately utilize site survey documents are key to making this process a success during each deployment.

Our dedicated project manager will work with the designated contact at each site to complete the data-gathering process. Cable maps, office directories, GSA TOPS information, and in some cases legacy PBX information, will all be utilized to cross-check and validate the information.