Interactive Voice Response

Today’s consumers expect near-instantaneous access to information, quicker and more accurate self-service options, and more efficient interactions with human agents than ever before. Organizations that have a vested interest in engaging with their customers can struggle to meet those expectations without having the right technologies in place.

What is IVR?

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response. It enables a caller to use their touch-tone phone or voice telephone input to interact with your database and obtain information on demand using a phone-based, self-service application. The versatile IVR platform is built to provide your organization with access to cloud-based applications that can integrate with any PBX and database to offer real-time interaction for simple or complex customer inquiries.

With IVR you’ll get a platform that:

  • Collects relevant information that can be passed to Contact Center, so the call can be routed to the proper agent through skill-based routing
  • Streamlines the process of gathering and delivering information to your customers without tying up agent resources
  • Reduces the number of agent transfers and interactions per call and shortens the time to call closure
  • Saves time and money through automated interactions and broadcasts, lower agent utilization, and increased productivity
  • Makes your organization more efficient and effective at customer engagement by eliminating duplicative information collection

You’ll be able to leverage powerful features and benefits including:

  • Custom call flows
  • Database and CRM integration
  • Speech to text & text to speech
  • Survey options
  • Agent screen pops
  • Large-scale, automated voice and SMS broadcast abilities for appointment reminders and announcements

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