Call Recording
Our Call Recording solution was built to provide your business with cost-effective and flexible call recording. By implementing a hosted, multi-tenant architecture, Premium Call Recording eliminates your need for a dedicated server, works across multiple service addresses, and allows for flexibility in file retention length and on-demand recording in multiple locations.

Why use call recording?

For many businesses, good customer interaction and adherence to compliance rules and regulations are vital to sustainability, growth, and profitability. Premium Call Recording makes it easy to ensure that your business is compliant, and that your employees are creating the best customer experience through their interactions. It allows your management to understand what is happening while employees are talking to customers and perform coaching or make changes to processes if necessary. Call Recording reduces the cost and effort involved in dispute resolution, training, and compliance management.
Call Recording

Our solution provides the following features:

  • Ability to automatically record all calls on select extensions
  • On-demand recording capability for select extensions
  • Admin and user views
  • Recording search and retrieval features
  • 90 day recording storage
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