• System consolidation across 250 nationwide locations
  • Employee training at every level
  • Deployment completed on time and within budget
The U.S. Attorney’s office knows our consolidated system is secure and, because of the centralization that Convergent enabled, we have seen cost savings as well.


The United States Attorney’s Office is an extended federal agency consisting of more than 250 locations throughout the country. The office’s outdated communication systems were unreliable and difficult to work with. Further, years of varying system contracts meant the entire system was disjointed in terms of service, maintenance, and system specs. A final – and critical – concern was security given the type of work the office conducted. While the U.S. Attorney’s Office had already identified Broadsoft as their VoIP system provider, they knew they needed a partner to handle the transition project. 

Convergent’s Solution

Convergent began by meeting with the VoIP team to determine the best path forward given the multiple systems and geographical span of the individual offices. Convergent developed the deployment timeframe and handled carrier interface to ensure proper implementation at each one of the U.S. Attorney Offices nationwide. The end result was a uniform telecom system throughout each of the 250+ offices with centralized management of the system for better resource allocation.

Another critical element of Convergent’s solution was customized employee training for all levels of the office staff. Convergent led formal classroom training through 90-minute sessions at each location. Each U.S. Attorney also received one-on-one training that fit his/her schedule and special security needs. Finally, Convergent created all the training materials necessary to ensure a smooth transition and ongoing ease of use for the deployed VoIP system.